Trending: Teeny Tiny Purses

Ladies, we love small things. It's a fact. Kittens, puppies, little teacups, tiny bows, you name it...if it's small we love it.

The latest in teeny tiny trends is the itty bitty handbag, a clutch/ fanny pack/ wristlet on a string hybrid purse. Some designers to jump on the teeny tiny handbag movement are Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs, Hermes, and Rebecca Minkoff.

The Hermes Tiny Birkin
Tiny Birkin
Tory Burch Mini Classic
Rebecca Minkoff Mini Boyfriend
Who cares if you can't even fit your jumbo wallet in one of these babies.. they're sooooo cute!

Probably the coolest image search you'll ever do

If you have a few minutes to waste, and who doesn't, I highly recommend you check out idee Multicolr Search Lab. This awesome photo search engine of sorts allow you to find pictures based on the colors you want to be in them. 

A search for blue, purple, black, and yellow

You can add up to 10 colors in your search and you will get all sorts of photos. People, flowers, abstract, signs and the list goes on.

A search for red and light green

Next time you are thinking of looking through stock photo give this a try. WARNING: it's addicting.


The apple of my eye

Brief blogging pause...now I'm BACK.

The most recent apple of my eye.. YSL's Arty Ring.

This bold free form ring comes in a host of beautiful colors (lapis, turquoise, coral, honey, and green just to name a few) The ring can be found at Saks (click here to check it out).

AND it's Friend and Family eligible, just enter FRIEND3 at checkout for an additional 20% off and get free shipping with SPRINGSFA on orders over $200.00

Happy Shopping :)


Some Daily Happenings

The rings on ma fingaaaahs
 Erin Wasson armor ring/
elephant ring from a craft fair/
art deco & diamond chip ring: vintage
furry vest/ club monaco scarf/ Bandalino shoes
I know this isn't twitter, but I just hashtagged. 
Deal with it. 

 Piggies and peace on my keychain...
ain't nothing wrong with that.

A skinny cow, I just couldn't resist. Oh, the irony.


Biker Babes

stylish and green!

Can she really ride in those heels?

Quick way to dry after your shower...ride your bike in a robe and towel on your head

Can you handle it? Biking is back baby. The weather is getting warming and these ferocious ladies make me want to pump my tires (no pun intended).


I'm crafting one of these babies...that's why my dad has to keep buying new ethernet cables....

Weekend Roundup

What I'm loving this weekend: The Bar Method


Working it out, thanks to Burr. (I know...Burr, that's her name). The Bar Method is an exercise that uses isometrics (tiny movements) to target different muscle groups in your body. It doesn't sound hard..but think about holding your arm out straight for 5 minutes...it hurts like hell and you aren't even doing anything. 

Kelly Osbourne swore by The Bar Method, and she went from a 14 to a size 2, so I figured it was worth a try. The 50 minute workout started nice and easy with some stretching and warming up...but once we got into the "heavy" stuff...I couldn't even make it all the way through. Legs, arms, and stomach were all shaking..muscles I didn't even know I had were shaking. 

Definitely worth a try, your muscles will be burning for a few days after! Learn more here


Shopping Warfare

Computer screen glowing, hitting refresh constantly once the clock hit 11am, face an inch away from the screen....no, this is not how I normally sit on my computer, this was a day unlike any other...

Today was the day of the Outnet.com $2 birthday sale, or as I like to call it "Shopping Warfare," and me and my troop (1 loyal supporter who helped keep me calm in the chaos) got ready to shop like the wind baby!

Once the email came at 11:13am, PANIC, I launched into the exclusive sale and wanted to look at everything, but with a sale like this:

- 2,000 people granted access
- 2,500 items all for $2
- Only 1 of each item can be purchased
- Items in your cart are still up for grabs 
- You can only enter one time, once you check out, you are out

you had to act fast, I missed out on some great pieces because I just wasn't quick enough and wanted to browse, but ultimately scored a killer Emilio Pucci dress that only costs me $2.08 including tax.
My Loot: Emilio Pucci Silk Blend Dress
You CAN NOT beat a deal like that. Special shout out to my troop who tried to keep me off of my tilt as much as possible.

The whole encounter only took 10 minutes...but shopping warfare was stressful. Hopefully everyone who was granted access got some good merchandise. Ultimately, we all scored something amazing for $2, and I normally spend more than that on coffee, so who can complain?


I've got the golden ticket!

Ladies and gentlemen, I have been lucky enough to get one of The Outnet's $2 tickets. 

On the floor dying right now...as we speak.....



Inspired by: The Secret Garden

This post is inspired by one of my favorite books from when I was younger, The Secret Garden. If you aren't familiar, it's a good read, a girl who lost her negligent parents is sent to live in a castle in England with her Uncle. There she find a bed ridden cousin, a friend in the help, and a secret garden locked behind a castle wall....and the plot thickens.  Get literate, read the book.
Feather ring (shopbop.com)
Inspired by the garden of this book I have found cute jewelery that is reminiscent of, you guessed it, a garden.  Now all I need to find is a bed ridden cousin and a gardener who will also be my BFF :)

Tree branch ring (shopbop.com)

Kate Spade

Kate Spade's pave flower choker necklace will be anything but forgotten.  bu-dum-dum get it?

golden leaf bangle (shopbop.com)

Leaves, flowers, birds, and branches have never looked better. SHAMELESS PLUG: reduce, reuse, recycle yo, so we can keep looking at those leaves, flowers, birds, and branches in real life. END OF SHAMELESS PLUG.

Oh mother nature, how I love thee.



For the OCD freak in all of us Things Organized Neatly is a tumblr dedicated to, you guessed it, things that are organized neatly. You're so smart. 

Take a look, thingsorganizedneatly.tumblr.com..it's oddly soothing.

All Hail the ONE piece

As the weather gets warmer I've begun to look for ways to make my mornings fuss free, and the thing I'm loving the most? The one piece! I can't resist the ability to literally put on one piece of clothing and walk out the door.

Originally rompers and jumpsuits scared me, I thought if you bought one you were pretty much asking for a camel toe, but with the right cut getting dressed in under 3 minutes and looking cute (not like you are trying to squeeze into a children's one piece) is totally possible.

Halston; Juicy Couture; Indah; Thakoon; Twelth St. by Cynthia Vincent
I've been doing some preliminary research on the best rompers and jumpsuits and I've found some great ones at shop bop. The slouchier the better, these pieces should look casual and effortless, because let's face it...they are annnnd you don't want to look like you are being squeezed out your clothing like a sausage.

So there you have it..a great muss and fuss free summer style. Embrace it.


Mystical Mystic Topaz

My latest obsession: Mystic Topaz.

I recently came across a ring with this little diddy in it and I literally stopped dead in my tracks. I don't know why I never noticed you before little topaz...you had me at hello.

This is a perfect stone for a unique or statement piece, it catches light and reflects the rainbow.
1. It can't clash with outfits because it probably has ever color in it
2. It's less expensive than diamonds and some other gem stones so you can get a HUGE rock for less $$$
3. It's called mystic (mystical)..come on, I haven't felt that close to the wizarding world of Harry Potter since I accidentally wore maroon and gold together (Go Gryffindor!).
4. it works in rings/ earrings/ and necklaces...oh the options


Happy Birthday to Me!

Woke up this morning to pink carnations hiding in my bathroom and tuxedo cake for breakfast :).

Birthdays were made for eating cake at 7am!



Some arresting photos of Iekeline Stange from How to Spend It  magazine. She dons some crazy looks in the shoot titles 'Key Looks for Spring'

Human Transformer
1/2 Accountant, 1/2 Cloud Puff


"Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine."
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson


Spring Fling: Pink & Orange

"As you move into the spring season, you want to mix hues of coral, red, pink and orange, and wear them all at the same time...."
- Ken Downing, [fashion director of Neiman Marcus]

Essie Nail Polish
I dedicate this post to my favorite color combination for spring. While others may be singing 'Black & Yellow' (Wiz Khalifa, get it?) I'm singing to the tune of Pink and Orange.

Patterson J. Kincaid: Harlow Long Sleeve Blouse

Milly: Sophie Pleated Trousers
In theory, two strong colors like these may sounds like they would look weird together, giving you a bit of day a glow effect, but in all honestly they actually work quite well. Throw in some coral and a more basic white/beige/black and the colors pop even more. (See that Marni dress? ...told you so.)

Dress: Marni

Anya Hindmarch: Lacing Cross Body Bag

If you don't want to go full on Pink and Orange head to toe, try smaller accents of the great spring duo, orange bangles? Pink bag? bright espadrilles? Take the advice of Ken Downing and pile it on for an effortless colorful spring look. Flowers don't have to be the only bright thing this spring.

Shoes: Lanvin