Mystical Mystic Topaz

My latest obsession: Mystic Topaz.

I recently came across a ring with this little diddy in it and I literally stopped dead in my tracks. I don't know why I never noticed you before little topaz...you had me at hello.

This is a perfect stone for a unique or statement piece, it catches light and reflects the rainbow.
1. It can't clash with outfits because it probably has ever color in it
2. It's less expensive than diamonds and some other gem stones so you can get a HUGE rock for less $$$
3. It's called mystic (mystical)..come on, I haven't felt that close to the wizarding world of Harry Potter since I accidentally wore maroon and gold together (Go Gryffindor!).
4. it works in rings/ earrings/ and necklaces...oh the options

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