Weekend Roundup

What I'm loving this weekend: The Bar Method


Working it out, thanks to Burr. (I know...Burr, that's her name). The Bar Method is an exercise that uses isometrics (tiny movements) to target different muscle groups in your body. It doesn't sound hard..but think about holding your arm out straight for 5 minutes...it hurts like hell and you aren't even doing anything. 

Kelly Osbourne swore by The Bar Method, and she went from a 14 to a size 2, so I figured it was worth a try. The 50 minute workout started nice and easy with some stretching and warming up...but once we got into the "heavy" stuff...I couldn't even make it all the way through. Legs, arms, and stomach were all shaking..muscles I didn't even know I had were shaking. 

Definitely worth a try, your muscles will be burning for a few days after! Learn more here

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