Spring Fling: Pink & Orange

"As you move into the spring season, you want to mix hues of coral, red, pink and orange, and wear them all at the same time...."
- Ken Downing, [fashion director of Neiman Marcus]

Essie Nail Polish
I dedicate this post to my favorite color combination for spring. While others may be singing 'Black & Yellow' (Wiz Khalifa, get it?) I'm singing to the tune of Pink and Orange.

Patterson J. Kincaid: Harlow Long Sleeve Blouse

Milly: Sophie Pleated Trousers
In theory, two strong colors like these may sounds like they would look weird together, giving you a bit of day a glow effect, but in all honestly they actually work quite well. Throw in some coral and a more basic white/beige/black and the colors pop even more. (See that Marni dress? ...told you so.)

Dress: Marni

Anya Hindmarch: Lacing Cross Body Bag

If you don't want to go full on Pink and Orange head to toe, try smaller accents of the great spring duo, orange bangles? Pink bag? bright espadrilles? Take the advice of Ken Downing and pile it on for an effortless colorful spring look. Flowers don't have to be the only bright thing this spring.

Shoes: Lanvin

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