April Showers Bring May Flowers

The rainy weather today has got me in a funk, it's overcast, windy and wet, and nobody enjoys trying to get to work and being soaked by the time they get there.

When the weather goes south, not literally, it's hard to figure out what to wear (bye bye suede, hello frizz city) so I rounded up some of the things I need on a rainy day.

Umbrellas- Lilly Pulitzer; Patent Tote- Michael Kors; Flats- Hunter; Trench- Burberry
Since it's spring (It's official) spring showers are underway and show no sign of stopping. Once it begins to rain you can't go wrong with a classic water proof trench, everyone says so including Nina Garcia and Tim Gunn, so give in to the peer pressure and get a trench. I like a classic khaki, but go crazy get a leopard print one if you want, what's important is that it's water repellent and fits you well.

As for my personal rainy day favorites, I prefer to carry a patent leather bag or tote so it's basically waterproof and all the crap I lug around on a daily basis doesn't end up soggy. I also love a bright umbrella, the weather is gray and overcast and seeing a bright pop of color always makes me smile, my favorite patterns are by Lilly Pulitzer.

Lastly, on a rainy day, you need boots. Thankfully rain boots have become a fashion statement, but if you don't want to walk around in big rubber wellies try these awesome Hunter rubber ballet flats. Your feet will stay dry and stylish.

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