Get Your Hands Off My Hein-y

We all like things that are unique, one of a kind, or "us," and brands know it. They give us the option of picking colors, putting phrases on things, choosing designs, uploading photos, pretty much anything to make sure our items are one of a kind, and we can't get enough of it. 

Jumping on the bandwagon, Heineken has launched an online application called “Your Heineken,” which allows consumers to customize a 6 pack of beer bottles with designs, messages, and even photos. There are up to 32 available designs in six categories (colors, celebration, party, just for you, sports, and summer) that consumers can choose from. The bottles, once designed by you, will be delivered in 12 days.

Allowing consumers to customize something as standard as their beer bottles creates a real difference and is something that most people would pay a little extra for, especially to show off to their friends. Other brands will probably follow this trend and allow consumers to customize more “standard” items, maybe chip bags or soft drink bottles?

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