Last Night Never Happened

In today’s digital age, most people know everything they do will somehow end up online. Not just in front of our friends, but now that grandma has her very own Facebook page, in front of our families and bosses too! We have all also gone to a party and probably sent some not so comprehensible tweets, Facebook updates, or not so graceful pictures when we shouldn't have. That is where The Last Night Never Happened app comes in.

For $1.99 iPhone and iPad users can buy piece of mind. The app can save you from social media mortification resulting from intoxicated Facebook updates, slurred tweets, messy photos and clumsy comments.  

Once given access to your Twitter and/or Facebook account the app allows you to search as far back as 48 hours and remove Facebook posts, pictures, and tweets that may put you in a less than glorious light. If you so choose, rather then deleting the post, you can have them replaced with some nicer comments.

Download this app now and party the night away guilt free, you can always delete it in the morning.

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