Summer Socks

Warmer weather is approaching...I know it doesn't feel like it in NY with the impending snow..but it's true. If you want to inject more color into your spring look, or just try and get away with wearing summer sandals, try adding a sock with a cut out shoe. It's a win- win, your toes will stay warm and you can wear your cut out shoes before it hits 70 degrees.

J.Crew bright pink trouser sock
The look is all over the runways and you can even find shoes that are being sold with socks these days. So, the jury outs, it looks cool.  I must admit I am a little afraid of getting the socks with sandals effect that makes you look like a. like you are crazy or b. like you are a high school junior going to take the SATs on a Saturday morning, but it's still worth it.
with flats

So give it a try, get crazy, try a colorful sock or dare I say a knee sock? Would you were this look to out?

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