Unretouched Advertising

Make Up Forever launched a brand new un-retouched ad campaign, featuring models using their makeup and 100% no computer generated "help." The ads were certified, so we can rest assured they aren't just making the claim. Most beauty ads are retouched because, lets face it, the foundation/ concealer/ blush never really works they way they show it in ads. I don't know which fact I should be more shocked at:

1. That a companies product works well enough that they dont have to retouch the crap out of it to make it look like something else
2. Showing something that hasn't been completely retouched is "ground breaking"--- what!? that model actually has pores!?

At the end of the day advertising without retouching is not something that the american public is used to. If you weren't already aware of that fact, Dove spent millions trying to tell you in the past few years, but props to Make Up Forever because sometimes we just want to see someone who actually looks human on those glossy magazine pages...why do you think we gobble up "stars without makeup" esditions of US Weekly?

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