I Spy

A little part of me always wanted to be a spy. Okay imagine being hidden in the shadows, figuring out hidden mysteries, and being ultimately bad ass and good at kicking butt. Like James Bond, suave, always prepared and with an endless supply of cool gadgets.

I've found a few accesories that are definately after my own spy heart. A bag that has LED lights built in so you can see all of your spy gadgets when you are in the dark, a super sleek pill case for when I am in need of some tylenol from all the buildings ill be jumping off of (daring escapes of course), an OLED laptop that is see through, a shoe that doubles as a gun (every spy needs to work a piece), and lastly the mustache necklace for a quick disguise on the go!

DP bag with LED light

Pill case

See through OLED laptop

Gun Shoe

Mustache necklace

 I can see it now, quick chats with my very own 'M' on my see through laptop and busting out my shoe gun and pulling a Jack Bauer on some bad guys. What do you guys think, always had dreams of becoming a secret agent?

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