Rock Climbing Cool

If you've ever been rock climbing you know it isn't easy. You have to learn how to tie knots, belay people twice your size down a wall, and get over your fear of climbing completely verticle in the air. That's not to mention the caloused hands and extreme soreness in your arms and legs the next day.

The upside to launching yourself 30 feet in the air? Proenza Schouler found the answer. The designer made super bright chunky bracelets and necklaces out of rock climbing equipment. (who ever thought the caribeener keychains we all carry around could look this awesome?)

Proenza Schouler Rope Bracelets ($150- $175)
Even the most unexperienced rock climber can wear a piece of the action. I'm not sure I can justify spending $150 on a caribeener and about 12" of rock climbing rope, but this looks like a great at home arts and craft project that will surely occupy my saturday afternoon.

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