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Wendy Nichol Jewelry
Black Lambskin Fur Cuff
Whether faux or real, fur has been popping up everywhere, and rightly so. We have had a seriously freezing winter and we need some fuzzy wuzzy shearling to help combat the cold.

We've seen it on boots, vests, jackets, and hats. What's next you ask? Fur in our accessories. No, not our scarves, gloves, and booties (been there seen that) but in our jewelry.

Gayle Freedman Design Fur Ring

recycled mink fur bracelet by Karine Eyamie, Mizdragonfly

Now fur can be seen lining rings, bracelets, and necklaces. It makes me want to get some of this just so I can cuddle up to the fuzz on the go.
Mink fur necklace: Fenton
More can be seen @ http://fallonjewelry.com/

What do you think, will you be looking for fur trimmed accesories?

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