Higher & Higher

So long are the days of the 2 1/2 inch heel. You can kiss the 3 inch heel goodbye.  Ladies, today we sport the ankle breaking 4 and 5 inchers, allowing our shoes to take us higher and higher.

Tory Burch Clog

If you're anything like me, and by that I mean 5'3" then you LOVE heels, not only love them...NEED them. Don't get me wrong, the pointy stiletto has it's place, it's fierce, sexy, and incredibly dangerous. We teeter totter on those little pins trying to look graceful with miniture steps all the while afraid of piercing an innocent bystranders foot with our dagger heel, but shoes have taken a turn. 

5" sky skraping heels are made bareable by the more substantial heel. The CHUNK. Let me write an ode to the chunky heel. These stable savors have made the 5 inch heel bareable, not to mention the extra platform often found in front that gives the little balls of our feet a rest. We can stride down the street in comfort leaving passerbys wondering how it is we can actually walk in 5- inchers.
Steve Madden Geema

Christian Louboutin

J. Crew Platform Pump
So embrace it, let those shoes carry you to new heights. Rock the 5" heels, as long as they have a chunky heel, you'll be fiiiine.

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