The Year of CK

The biggest trend for 2011: Minimalist fashions. I predict that this year will be the year of minimalist clothes and CK. Simple looks featuring classic shapes and neutral color palates made a huge splash during Fashion Week, and Calvin Klein proved to be the champion for the cause.

Calvin Klein 2011

I love me a crazy set of colors and patterns but something about these simple clean blank canvases is alluring. Pulling off a look so simple is undoubtedly tres chic.

Calvin Klein 2011

Gianfranco Ferre minimalist looks 2011

Grandma Hannigan Long Jersey Maxi Dress

While trends may come and go, the clean lines and neutral colors of Calvin Klein’s designs will be forever. And while us shopaholics are making more calculated purchases, justifying our spends on investment pieces, the structure, material, and shapes of these pieces make them timeless. If you are going to invest in something make it this, 2011 will be the year of minimalist.

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