Changing the Way You Shop..Grocery Shop

Found this fascinating, NuVal, a new nutritional rating system, launched near my home town. NuVal is a rating system that gives foods a score of 1-100 for their nutritional value. (1 being poor and 100 being the best)

Eating healthy is important, we all know it, Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels know it, the billion dollar diet industry is well aware, but when it comes time to put our money were out mouths are we still buy crap food. Let's face it, it's hard to decipher the mind field that is calories, fat, sodium, carbs and anything else that is either great for us or horrible for us. That is where NuVal saw an opportunity.

Shoppers needed a quick way to be able to tell how good a product is and compare products against each other. Shoppers who don't know how to read nutritional labels or are time crunched can simply look at the NuVal score found on the store price sticker and quickly evaluate how good something is. Now consumers have a new thing to consider (aside from brand, price, and personal tastes) while grocery shopping.

Imagine yourself standing in the bread aisle, one bread has a NuVal score of 32 the other a score of 81. Which one would you buy? No brainer right? NuVal has major potential to influence shoppers. They can feel good about choices they make and bask in the after glow of their healthy decisions. NuVal also promotes "trading up," the system makes it super easy to compare products and pick the healthier version.

The simplest way I've seen to make FAST healthy choices. Would this influence the foods you pick?
Learn more about NuVal here.

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