All Hail the ONE piece

As the weather gets warmer I've begun to look for ways to make my mornings fuss free, and the thing I'm loving the most? The one piece! I can't resist the ability to literally put on one piece of clothing and walk out the door.

Originally rompers and jumpsuits scared me, I thought if you bought one you were pretty much asking for a camel toe, but with the right cut getting dressed in under 3 minutes and looking cute (not like you are trying to squeeze into a children's one piece) is totally possible.

Halston; Juicy Couture; Indah; Thakoon; Twelth St. by Cynthia Vincent
I've been doing some preliminary research on the best rompers and jumpsuits and I've found some great ones at shop bop. The slouchier the better, these pieces should look casual and effortless, because let's face it...they are annnnd you don't want to look like you are being squeezed out your clothing like a sausage.

So there you have it..a great muss and fuss free summer style. Embrace it.

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