Shopping Warfare

Computer screen glowing, hitting refresh constantly once the clock hit 11am, face an inch away from the screen....no, this is not how I normally sit on my computer, this was a day unlike any other...

Today was the day of the Outnet.com $2 birthday sale, or as I like to call it "Shopping Warfare," and me and my troop (1 loyal supporter who helped keep me calm in the chaos) got ready to shop like the wind baby!

Once the email came at 11:13am, PANIC, I launched into the exclusive sale and wanted to look at everything, but with a sale like this:

- 2,000 people granted access
- 2,500 items all for $2
- Only 1 of each item can be purchased
- Items in your cart are still up for grabs 
- You can only enter one time, once you check out, you are out

you had to act fast, I missed out on some great pieces because I just wasn't quick enough and wanted to browse, but ultimately scored a killer Emilio Pucci dress that only costs me $2.08 including tax.
My Loot: Emilio Pucci Silk Blend Dress
You CAN NOT beat a deal like that. Special shout out to my troop who tried to keep me off of my tilt as much as possible.

The whole encounter only took 10 minutes...but shopping warfare was stressful. Hopefully everyone who was granted access got some good merchandise. Ultimately, we all scored something amazing for $2, and I normally spend more than that on coffee, so who can complain?

1 comment:

  1. You got the Pucci dress! I thought about buying that one, it is so so gorgeous, I hope you enjoy it! I ended up with a Miu Miu dress, so crazy that these were all only $2!